Jack's postcards and telegrams

Like many of the soldiers in the Australian Imperial Force, Jack and his brothers served in various locations including Egypt, and France. Jack went to England to complete his officer's training  while many wounded soldiers including Will and Henry recovered in England.  

Map of locations from where the Fryer brothers sent postcards and letters


The first printed postcards appeared in the 1870s and the trade was firmly established by 1914. The Fryer brothers often sent beautiful postcards home. Sending a postcard was an easy way for soldiers to send a quick message back home to love ones. The postcards that the Fryer brothers sent often depicted photographic scenes of locations or were hand embroidered silk mounted on card.



Telegrams were brief messages sent via undersea cable and telegraph lines to post offices. They were then written out and delivered by hand to the recipient. In most cases during First World War, they carried bad or tragic news as they were used by the military to advise next of kin of death and serious wounding.

Jack's postcards and telegrams