Jack's legacy

Like most soldiers in the AIF, those who returned and those who did not, Jack was memorialised in his own local community. Yet Jack’s legacy, as we know, goes well beyond the memories and memorabilia of family and friends. Jack’s place in the consciousness of the University community at the time was universally that of a fallen digger.

As a memorial to their former member and vice-president, members of the University Dramatic Society donated £10 to establish a collection of works in Australian literature. With this collection as its foundation, the JD Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature was established in 1927. Today, the Fryer Library at The University of Queensland Library is a research library of national and international importance.

After reading an account of Fryer by one of his contemporaries, the original custodian of the Fryer Memorial Library, Dr FW Robinson commented: "one feels the [he] is describing the 'Australian' or the 'Digger' at his best with his cheerfulness, sense of human values, fellowship, sacrifice and rest. Add his individual zest for learning, for literature, drama, as well as sport, and the name of the Fryer for a library of Australian Literature acquires new significance."

Robinson, FW 1952, 'The Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature', University of Queensland Gazette,no.24, November, pp. 8-9.